On Gendered Terms and LGBTQ+ Inclusion

I acknowledge that use of gendered terms such as “woman” and “mother” may leave members of the LGBTQ+ community feeling excluded and unseen. I want to be clear that all genders and sexual orientations are welcome in my practice. I invite you to replace any gendered language with your own preferred nouns and pronouns. It is my own shortcoming in adapting my writing to be gender neutral at this time. If you have further concerns on this issue please email me.

On Cultural Considerations

I acknowledge that some practices are of great cultural significance to certain groups of people. I will do my best to avoid appropriating any cultural practices. I offer rebozo closings as they was taught to me- a tradition seen in the postpartum period in various countries from from Mexico to Morocco and even in Russia. Any services offered, such as the one mentioned, will never be offered at an additional charge to regular postpartum care visits. I offer these services solely to support the overall well being of new mothers. If you have any concerns regarding your culture or feel that my work is causing harm, please email me.

On Land

I acknowledge that my work is based from the lands of the shíshálh Nation and the Squamish Nation, who raised their own children on these lands for generations and knew the medicine of the local plants intimately. I acknowledge the past and present impacts of colonization on the children of these nations and their traditional ways of life. If I am able to work in a way which gives greater respect to these communities, please email me.

On Accessibility

I acknowledge that my services may not be accessible to the people who need them most. As a young mom myself, this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. If you genuinely cannot afford to access my services, please reach out. I am willing to discuss options including barter, payment plans, sliding scale consults and other strategies to make myself accessible to those in need.