It’s Mothers Who Change the World

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To be a mother is to hold the future in your hands. It’s often thought that to change the world, one must accomplish great feats. It’s thought that the power lies in the hands of the politicians, corporate executives and frontlines activists. But what if this isn’t necessarily the case? What if it’s the mother’s who carry the greatest influence? What if it’s the time spent filling bellies with nourishing foods, hearts with great love and minds with infinite curiosity that could change the world?

As poet William Ross Wallace said, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand the rules the world”. It seems that our culture has forgotten this fundamental truth. If the collective recognized the importance of mothers, the prevalence of birth trauma and perinatal mood disorders would be a national crisis. The modern mother is wildly under supported and overworked, left in isolation to do a job that requires a village. 

Mothers are often told that they’re “just a mom now” or that being home with a child isn’t “real work” because it doesn’t pay the bills. But maybe there’s more to life than outward productivity, maybe holding your children close while they’re small is the most revered job out there. Psychologists recognize the profound importance of early childhood development, why doesn’t society?

To the mothers out there: always remember your value. In the words of John Bowlby, “If a community values its children, it must cherish its mothers”. Supported mothers raise emotionally secure children. These children are the future.


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