Postpartum Care 


In the first 6 weeks postpartum I provide in-home visits to guide your family through the highs and lows of early parenthood. Whether it’s being a shoulder to cry on or washing that load of dishes sitting in the sink, I’m here for you mama. I can set you up with comforts like a cup of tea and warm oil massage, draw you a herbal bath or perform a postpartum sealing ceremony. While you mother your new baby, I’m here to mother you! I listen without judgement as you unpack your birth experience, providing you with tools like breathwork, guided visualizations and journaling prompts. The postpartum window is raw, messy and beautiful. By bringing my camera to our visits, I try to capture these intimate moments for you to look back on. 

I will help you understand the uniqueness of the “mama brain” and strategies for working with this altered state, not against it. From pelvic floor health to nutrition and herbal supports, I want you to have the resources for taking care of your postpartum body. I can provide information on the basics of breastfeeding and babywearing, while helping you to find reliable sources when I don’t have the answers. We will also dive into techniques for communicating your needs in a time when they may otherwise feel blurred. Throughout the first 3 months I will be available for text and email support as needed.

Please contact me for packages based on your family’s unique needs. My basic rate is $25/hour.