Postpartum Preparation


With so much emphasis on planning for the birth, postpartum is often forgotten. Many mothers are unaware of just how unique their needs will be during this time! Not only is the body undergoing an intense recovery from the birth, but the brain is being restructured for this new role. With the birth of each new baby, there are many changes. It’s a time of celebration but also a time of grieving. Above all, it’s far cry from “business as usual” and families need many layers of support in place to thrive.

Drawing from traditional postpartum practices, I can help you to create a detailed plan to be cared for during the first 6 weeks after birth. We will discuss the pillars of postpartum health, appropriate foods, using herbs, protecting the maternal/infant microbiome and prioritizing the physiologic need for rest in the modern world. I will help you to cultivate realistic self care practices and create a foundation for what to expect in those early days of parenthood. I encourage you to bring a support person to join us.

These sessions include:

  • 3 meetings prenatally
  • 1 meeting postpartum
  • a written plan
  • informative handouts
  • recipe suggestions
  • community resource referrals
  • email support during the first 6 weeks postpartum

Currently only available online via Zoom for $200.