I serendipitously came across Christine’s offerings when I was looking for a birth doula. So thankful that I did – because I wasn’t even thinking of my postpartum life! Like most first-time mamas, I was so focused on my pregnancy and the birth – almost completely overlooking the planning and support of postpartum. She is not only a fountain of knowledge in women’s herbalism and postpartum, but also has a compassionate personality. She was very good with honoring my personal/birthing/postpartum values in the planning and care of my postpartum. I can’t imagine not having her support during my early days of motherhood. Her recommendations of postpartum modalities (yoni steaming, warm compresses, etc), natural handcrafted balms, herbal tinctures, and teas were all so healing and much needed during birth and afterwards. Last but not least, it was incredible to have her presence/support during my toughest postpartum days – being a great active listener when I was feeling the most vulnerable. My little family of three will be forever grateful for the energy Christine shared with us during this special time.” -Tiffany

Christine is an essential tool in every mothers first aid kit. With her herbal expertise and kind hearted manner she helps heal both big and small ailments with ease. She’s 100% my go to.” -Michelle

I am the absolute biggest fan of Christine and her craft! Her extensive knowledge on herbal medicine, as well as other holistic remedies and practices is not only helpful, but extremely impressive! Shortly after I gave birth, Christine sent me an entire postpartum care package full of herbal oils, a postpartum recovery tea, and a sentimental hand written note. Needless to say, she helped me so much and I will definitely be grabbing some more. She is extremely passionate about what she does and is an expert in helping new mamas and their little ones. I highly recommend her services!” -Mattea